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Optimized machine configurations


Next to our core products, also additional units are necessary to produce several kind of products. Many production steps can be realized inline in your configuration, so that time and costs will be reduced. We will find your solution for your product and you will become profitable.


Parallel folding knife XP 250.1

Made for folding of outserts and thick products in machine direction
Find out more about the XP 150.1...

Cross-fold knife XS 300

Optimized processing by knife folding principle of small sized productsFind out more about the XS 300...

Marking device type 865

Lateral displacement of counted products for an optical markingFind out more about type 865...

Cutting unit type 380

Cutting of small sized products supported by a belt-guiding deviceFind out more about type 380...

Belt press PP 300

Pressing of thick products by belts from the top and from the bottomFind out more about the PP 300...
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