The closed pyramid-roll-fold is a kind of fold, which requires a
multiple pocket folding machine. It is the most simple and clearly
arranged way to integrate a register into a folded product. If
color guiding system or scripture – the zigzag fold with steplike
distances catches everyone’s eye and informs at first sight.
Finally occurs the roll-fold. Supported by the radial folding roller
adjustment, the product is guided during the entire folding
process, so this results in high folding accuracy.




Outserts are pharmaceutical instruction sheets, which will be
enclosed to medications. By multiple folds, the unfolded
formats will be folded to small final sizes. Because of the
relatively high thickness of the products, the cross-folds
occur by a parallel knife. Afterwards, the closing of the Outserts
happens by a label or by glue. Light weight paper of approx.
40 g/m˛ are the basis for these products to realize this number
of folds. A profitable market, which requires high quality standards.


Register folding


Bild anschauenWith displaced folds you are able to integrate
a register in your product. On the one hand it
is on both sides, on the other hand just on one
side. Folding machines with a high number of
pockets can realize much register folds. The
effect is not only practicable to find the content,
it is also an eye-catcher and  makes your folded
products much more classy.

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