Folding of maps require large working widths to be able to processBild anschauen
large scale sheets. Also, a large folding roller diameter should be
chosen, because short folding lengths are not necessary and the
angle of wrap should be kept small. Two main issues are to be defined:
Multiple zigzag folds inside first unit and afterwards one centre
cross-fold, or one half-fold inside first unit and multiple folds
(up to 14 pockets) inside second pocket folding unit and afterwards
a centre cross-fold.


Video Map folding machine

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Posters will be divided into single printed sheets. Together, they will be glued in correct order on billboards or advertising pillars, so this results in a total poster again. Large scale formats are required to be able to process the large scale starting size. If once folded parallel and once crosswise, or directly parallel multiply rolled, the posters should be folded with large folding roller diameters. A following mark through an installed inkjet head lets you know, which part of the sheet you hold in your hands.


Video Poster folding machine

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Folding of Signatures


Folding machines with working widths up to 165 cm allow multiple-up productions of large scale final formats. With four pocket folding units, 32-paged signatures in double up can be produced. This is a huge output. The large scale sheets will be fed by a pallet feeder. The use of motorized truck-type folding pockets, eases the handling and the second pair of rear cutter shafts assure very good cutting quality.


Video Signature folding machine

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