Small Folding MachineWatch the S45 movie...


Outsert ProductionWatch the M9 movie...

M9 with SmartPACK100

Outsert ProductionWatch the M9 movie...

Booklet line with die-cutting

Producing of booklets with an opener tab in multiple-up for label applicationsWatch the booklet line movie...
KL 112.1

Miniature folding unit KL112.1 with pre-pile equipment

Direct delivery in cartons of small productsWatch the KL112.1 movie...

Mailing line with tape and foil dispensing

Molbile feeder, cutting unit, mobile folding unit, transport systemsWatch the mailing line movie

Product closing by labels on transport system ECO

Plough folding of labels on 091 ECOWatch the mailing line movie

Newspaper folding

Belt-guided plough folding and Pick + PlaceWatch the newspaper line movie

T 491 B

Inserting of plastic bags in pharmaceutical productsWatch the inserting line movie

Outsert production of 304 panel, labeled

QM-System, Parallel knife with labelerWatch the outsert line movie

Greeting cards - cutting and folding

Multiple-up with cutting units and folding unit M7.46Watch the folding line movie

Mailing line with timed-cutting and Pick + Place

Molbile feeders, cutting units, mobile folding units, transport systems,...Watch the mailing line movie

Pop-up Mailer with transport system BASIC

Friction feeder, alignment table Basic, Transport system Basic with label plough foldingWatch the mailing line movie

Pop up Mailer with window patcher and IJ

Inkjet on face belt, window patcher, paper lift, plough folds, face gluingWatch the mailing line movie

KL112.1 with 16 plates and small cutting device

KL112.1 - 16T - 52 cm and Cutting unit type 380 and marking device 865Watch the miniature folding machine movie

Web-fed mailing line with rotative die-cutting

MBO Digital web processing with BSR 550 punching machine and 091.1Watch the mailing line movie
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