Booklets with cover


A booklet with separate cover requires the feeding of an additionalBild anschauen
sheet part, because generally the cover shall have a higher
grammage than the inner part. The cover will be fed by the friction
feeder and folded together with the inner part inside the knife
folding unit. Multiple-up can be e.g. cut inside the punching machine
and afterwards delivered. The improvement for small products is


Video Booklet line with cover

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Die-cut booklets


If flushly glued or stitched, the following die-cutting addsBild anschauen
character and individuality to your booklet. By an inline
positioned punching machine within one booklet system,
the die-cutting can occur. A flat steel will be shaped and
punches up to 4 mm thick products.


Video Die-cutting line

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Stitched booklets


Besides the flushly glued booklet, also stitched booklets can beBild anschauen
produced. The inner part with several zigzag folds and one fed
separate cover will be fixed by a staple and afterwards together
folded inside die knife folding unit. Following head-and tail- and
front-cuttings generate high cutting quality.


Booklets with many pages


Booklet Systems always work according to a certain scheme.Bild anschauen
Achieving high numbers of pages require a multiple pocket
folding unit. Both with zigzag- or with roll-fold, the sheets can
be glued inside the folding unit and afterwards processed
inside the cross-fold unit.

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